About Anete Lusina

A lifestyle and travel photographer. The creation of visual stories takes me all around the world, but I reside in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

I'm a European spirit, who's always on the go. I seek inspiration through my travels, and I'm always chasing the light. There's something that fascinates me when it comes to natural light, and that's why I almost exclusively work with it.

Natural light helps me to create a natural mood, and I don't want you to be surrounded with a lights set up, I want you to enjoy the city, the nature or your own home as I document your story.

Photographer. Visual Story Teller.

* * *

My lifestyle photography work is ideal for documenting the lives and loves of my clients, as well as capturing the essence of a brand, trades person or a business.

Travel photography encompasses stock shots, images for wall prints (check out my interior image shop), as well as street photograpy that works well for books and exhibitions. This is where I dip my toes into fine art work but should any of my clients want a timeless fine art session, I'll be the first one to say "let's do it"!

My other photography love (i.e my business) is timeless and photojournalistic wedding photography - come visit my website on www.lusinaphotography.com


My work has been published across various media outlets, such as magazines and professional blogs, available either in print or digital. My photography and writing can be found on: