My lifestyle photography is all about the people, whether I am shooting a portrait, an artisan's studio or a day in the life of someone. My identity and style is injected in every shoot I do as is yours.

Natural movements and emotions is what I bring out in my clients, because I'm here to shoot you and your personality, without overwhelming you.

When it comes to shooting businesses and brands, to me it's all about the community - let me show your clients how your products or services come with personality and identity of your brand and what it stands for, how everything you give is given with people in mind, first and foremost.

A "Day in the life" shoot is all about capturing one's most personal moments and interaction, whether it is a couple enjoying each other's company on a lazy Sunday or a busy Saturday morning for a family. These sessions can last between 2 and 4 hours, depending on if you wish to capture one special moment in your life or you wish me to visit more than one place with you on the day.

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Story of a Portrait

A day in the life

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