Documentary photography shows the viewer a certain moment within a place and at that time, a relationship between the people and the environment, it's one of the ways of telling the "truth". A "truth" that occurs in front of our eyes but not everyone sees it.

When you walk down the street what do you see? Do you look or do you simply walk down the street from point A to point B, lost in your own thoughts? Do you look down on your cellphone, with people, colours and lights blending together?

I walk down the street and I see the ordinary and not so ordinary, the exchanges between the people and their emotions that others miss.

I see the the personality and character of someone's abandoned shoe laying in the middle of a busy road. I see the thoughts and emotions going through a person's mind, sitting alone in an oasis amidst the city bustle.

I shoot what I see. I stop to see because I am a photographer.

My work is available to be licensed, and I am available to travel and undertake commissions for you.

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Photographie: le commencement